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Bread for Breakfast

27 Sep
So I woke up this morning to the sight of a rainy New York and a slight burning smell. In my half-awoken, half-asleep state, I stumbled into the kitchen to find my roommate mixing dough.
Me: What are you making?
My Roommate: Bread.
Me: Oh… Okay. *stumbles back to bed*
She was making Irish Soda Bread, to be exact. This is such a foreign concept to me, to just make bread and batter from scratch. My Nana (grandmother) still always makes her doughs from scratch, but she’s old-school like that. Apparently, my roommate is also old-school like that.

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Movie Themed Meal: "Gone with the Wind" Edition

20 Sep
The idea for dinners themed to go with the movie we will watch while (or shortly after dinner) came after consuming large quantities of chocolate at Max Brenner and subsequently watching Chocolat. We thought; “We like food. And we like movies. Let’s combine those!” And Movie-Themed-Meals was born.
This weekend the movie was the classic Gone with the Wind. The majority of those enjoying this dinner had somehow gotten through life up to this point without having seen this movie and that had to be rectified. So what goes with a classic movie of the American South? A southern feast, of course!

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Welcome to the Blog!

14 Sep

We are two college students in New York City. We have made the transition from traditional dorm living to suite living… with a kitchen! No/minimal meal plans and passion for cooking has led to the idea for this blog. Recipes and techniques easy enough for college students (and real people) to cook on their own and still eat well.

We will be photographing and explaining our dishes on this blog to help all those out there at a loss for what to make for dinner. Expect themed movie night dinners for a group, one-person weeknight dinners (that leave enough for lunch the next day), and, of course, desserts.
My roommate can’t wait to cook things and I can’t wait to eat them! We hope you can’t wait to read about them and look at our pictures.