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I Love You, Chowder

14 Nov

So, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. But in a world where we have constant deadlines for papers and problem sets, some things get put off. BUT, WE’RE BACK! My roommate made this dish a while back, but we can’t quite remember why. We watched I Love You, Man while we ate our meal, but Chicken and Corn Chowder really have nothing to do with that movie. But we do love Paul Rudd. Really, since he did Clueless, he’s forever a heartthrob for our generation. You know, the nerdy, funny heartthrob. Also, Jason Segel = hilarious. When he’s wearing Uggs, I DIE. OF LAUGHTER. So WATCH IT. It’s hilarious. (I hope my rather excessive use of caps tells you how great this movie is.)

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Biscotti? From Scratch? Yes, Please.

7 Nov
One of my suitemates received a Magic Bullet as a graduation gift. She had never used it in the 2 years since she got it. Last year, she had an excuse as we had no kitchen. But this year, we knew we had to use it somehow. We scoured websites and food blogs to find a recipe in which we could use a Magic Bullet. Then we found this biscotti. We took down the box from its storage space, dusted off the box and brought out the holy grail.

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