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We Want S’more!

30 May

The California beach house is equipped with an excellent fireplace, perfect for chilly beach evenings and, you guessed it, s’mores. Now, last year as we finished our time in seaside seventh heaven alas we were left with a plethora of unused s’more ingredients. Determined to avoid the tragedy that is abandoning chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows in California, I set out to make S’more Nut Bars in an effort to consume excess s’more ingredients. I failed miserably causing the purchase of more graham crackers AND more chocolate. But who cares!? They were dang tasty.

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Super Salmon

28 May

Folks, I dig salmon. I compulsively order it in restaurants (I must be deficient in OMEGA-3’s or something), and yet I rarely cook it, having only a few successful (and somewhat arduous) salmon recipes. For years I’ve longed for more unsaturated fish oils in my diet and now, my salvation has arrived. I have discovered Salmon en Papillote! Also known to those outside of France as Salmon baked in a crazy heart shaped parchment pocket. So much easier than it sounds. Promise.

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Grillin’ and Chillin’

26 May

SUMMAH TIME = GRILLS. Not to be confused with grillz. Those are something else ENTIRELY. So, bust out your weber friends, and, if you’re a grillin’ chemist like my dad, arm yourself with laboratory safety goggles. Eye safety is serious business. Seriously.

Any hoo, what do you do once you’ve got a fire going and you’re dressed up like Dr. Horrible?


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Seaside Strawberry Jam

24 May

Greetings from California! Land of fun, sun, and PERFECT strawberries! No seriously. If you have not had strawberries from California IN California IN season, then friends, you just haven’t had a strawberry. No, you have not.

Stop it. Don’t argue.

SO – what precisely do you with a flat of California strawberries straight from the farmstand? STUFF YOUR FACE. Obvy. But once you’re done, you will probably still have some left. So you should probably make some jam.

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