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Thieving Thursday: Frito Pie

17 Jun

Nothing says Texas like frito pie. Indeed, this dish was the subject of much curiosity some months back when a birthday outing to the garishly themed Cowgirl restaurant had us all eating it right out of the bag. My suitemates who had the misfortune to grow up outside of the former Republic of Texas were awed by its savory, salty complexity. I merely reveled in the ability to eat this delicacy outside of my native land.

This brings us to our next recipe friends, Frito Pie! Brought to us by that most marvelous of Texas transplants, The Homesick Texan. Trapped in Manhattan, she makes all the food people outside of Texas have no idea that they’re missing. Fools.

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The King of Sodas

5 Jun

Frothy, foamy, sweet, earthy. A good root beer is like good wine (or what everyone seems to think good wine is like, I wouldn’t know, I’m a college student). It’s got layers. The experience engages the senses. It fizzes, it foams, its icy cold goodness tastes like summer. It’s my soda.

So when I came upon a chocolate cake featuring root beer, I jumped on it (besides we all know my obsession with beer flavored chocolate cakes). So hear you go, the perfect cake for summer.

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3 Jun

I’m a criminal. I admit. I stalk unsuspecting, beautiful, innocent, sumptuous recipes (not sure where I was going with that were you) on the blogosphere. And then I make them. And then I EAT THEM. And sometimes I serve this food to other people, and they compliment me on this food like it was all my idea. LIKE I CAME UP WITH IT ON MY OWN. LIKE I SPENT HOURS SCOURING COOKBOOKS AND TWEAKING SPICES TO GET EVERYTHING PERFECT. I just smile and nod, but in my heart I know I am nothing more than a despicable FOOD PLAGIARIZER. A quick google search, and here I am with perfect recipe blogger approved, often tested by dozens of commenters. OH MY SLOTH ABOUNDS.

Just when I think I can sink no lower. I come across this.

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