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29 Sep

I had very little to do with the production of these brownies. (Now that I think of it, I also had very little to do with their consumption. Ah, roommates.) My mom bought me the cookbook the recipe came from and my roommate took it upon herself to make them. This endeavor involved a great deal of her running around the kitchen and then stopping at various intervals to ask me, “Hey, do you wanna take a picture of this bowl of stuff?” Thus, I present to you, dear readers, a new feature of Things My Roommate Makes, the action shot. This baby is all shutter speed.

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Maybe We Should Eat Some Real Food

27 Sep

Sometimes I have to eat real food. By which I mean food that might constitute part of a full and balanced diet. Obviously, those Star Wars pancakes existed in time and space before I ate them. This real food is often salad or microwaved yams or eggs over easy. But I’m not going to tell you how to make those things, because this week I made something different. Something with cream. Something with something sorta bacony… Continue reading

May the Force Be With You

23 Sep

These are not the nerdy pancakes you’re looking for. *Insert awesome mind-controlling Jedi hand waving motion here* But actually, I think they are. Williams-Sonoma, in yet another stroke of brilliance, released these absurdly excellent pancake molds. So now you can eat Yoda’s head for breakfast after you drown him in syrup and butter. This is BEYOND AWESOME, as eating a tasty carbohydrate version of Yoda’s head was most certainly a personal life goal of most of the U.S. population.

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Make Salty Sweet Goodness Disappear Before Your Eyes

18 Sep

I did some magic this weekend. Not Harry Potter vanquishing Voldemort kind. Better. The making treats so good the ladies you live with actually inhale them. INHALE THEM. Thanks are due to a lovely lady who brought this recipe to my attention – she shall remain nameless, but if I had any left, I would bring her 5. You, too, can be a magician. The Final Countdown will play when you enter a room. The Magician’s Alliance will be beating down your door. But alas, they won’t be looking for me as I am about to reveal the secret sweet salty disappearing goodness. So unfortunately that makes me this guy.  Continue reading

Aaaaannd We’re Back

6 Sep

So hi. Long time no see. I could make excuses. A year without a kitchen. A year drowning in too many chemistry problem sets. A year where I probably should have been writing a blog entitled “Things My Roommate Eats in Restaurants.”  Yes, it’s been a year. A WHOLE YEAR in which I have cooked tasty things and failed to self indulgently tell you, a vast invisible internet audience, all about it. What a TRAGEDY. But fear not dear readers! Times have changed! I have returned to an apartment with a kitchen for a whole new school year with a whole new list of resolutions! Jogging! Blogging! Eating more vegetables! Studying before the night before exams! Figuring out what the heck I should call this blog once I graduate! So with no further adieu – I give you…

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