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Butterfinger Cookies

8 Apr

A Happy Easter to you! Or Passover! Or Sunday! Whatever the case may be, I hope you are enjoying this spring weekend with your family, with your cat, with your favorite movie. I hope you get to spend time with people who you don’t see nearly enough, who ask you to come their apartment and bake delicious things with them, who strangely suggest a cookie recipe that you’ve been eye-balling for a while. It’s always comforting when familiar people can still read your brain waves even when they don’t live next door to your anymore (or maybe you would find that terrifying).

I hope that when get done making those cookies you spend time with the people who you do live next door to, that you decorate easter eggs with them like you’re kids again, and that you make your friendship just a little bit stronger with the happiness only holidays bring. So that they always stay familiar to you – so that they can always read your brainwaves.

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Ode to Joy

1 Apr

Everybody has heroes. Some wear capes or unitards. Some stand up for what is good and right. Some are just everything you need them to be: warm, creative, funny. Wonderful. This hero wears a blazer and a smile. She is armed with laughter and baked goods. It was a treat to meet this hero, Joy the Baker, in person. Well worth a trek to Brooklyn in the rain and a four hour wait, because after all this time her food has never steered me wrong.

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