Who We Are

Hey there all you crazy kids!

Welcome to Things My Roommate Makes, the brainchild of me, a very hungry, food blog fixated, college-graduated lady looking for her next fix. As a rubber ducky collecting, whisk wielding kitchen freak with a lust for all things William-Sonoma and an even deeper lust for all things bacon, I’m a veritable culinary force to be reckoned with (or at least I pretend I am).

Things are happening here at Things My Roommate Makes! After four years in the big city (Manhattan), I’ve returned to my hometown in the Lone Star State for a blissful reunion with Tex Mex, Barbecue and 100% Humidity. Most importantly – I’ve picked up two new roommates – my boyfriend and his trusty feline companion, Hugo! So while I’ve bid adieu to the constant threat of potential rodent infestation and early morning fire alarms that is college life in New York, I am still technically a roommate.

Thus, the quest for tastiness continues! Please enjoy my trials and travails on an epic kitchen adventure! I cook everywhere! Tiny university apartment kitchens! Beach houses! Parents’ homes! Very first real person adult apartments! I can even toast without a TOASTER (Though now I can luxuriously enjoy using my toaster oven without leaving in fear that it might be seized at any moment by a pesky RA).

So happy cooking and eating!

-The Roommate and her trusty companion, Chef Rubber Duck

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