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Cornmeal Griddle Cakes

13 Mar

I dig pancakes. Even when they aren’t pumpkin flavored or shaped like Yoda’s head, they are a breakfast treat to get excited about. This is not simply because they often serve as a vehicle for two of my favorite items: butter and maple syrup, the real deal stuff, you know, from trees – it’s because pancakes are different. They don’t just make your kitchen smell like mornings or brinner. They make people smile. And if they’re sorta small, they make you feel like a kid again back when you ordered the Silver Five off the kids’ menu at IHOP. Besides, when they’re aren’t huge you can eat more of them, and more pancakes are always a good thing. Always.

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Bite-Size Bacon and Gruyere Scones

13 Nov

These scones go fast. I don’t just mean the making of them either. I mean the impressive consumption of them that occurred at about light speed. They were inhaled. By me. By my roommates. Not by anyone else though – there was no sharing of these glorious breakfast bites. Someone would have had to stage a pretty impressive sneak attack to get their hands on some of those scones. It’s certainly not surprising that we ate them all, or that no interloper got a hold of them. Why? Because they have bacon in them, obviously. And I would probably defend bacon foodstuffs with my very life or least a skillet. But you know what else they have? Cheese – and not just any cheese mind you. Gruyere. It’s Swiss and awesome. It keeps these scones from being anything but neutral. We should know. This isn’t our first Swiss cheese filled bacony rodeo.

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Thieving Thursday: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

10 Nov

Apologies. I have been on a serious pumpkin kick. And even though there may or may not be a pumpkin shortage on, it did not stop me from grabbing up cans of pumpkin at the store greedily and then putting it in these pancakes. You are probably sitting at your computer yawning as I suggest you make yet another pumpkin item. Oh great, now I’m yawning. It’s contagious you know. These pancakes, though, are anything but a yawn. I mean they are pretty orange. They are totally worth the urge to hoard canned pumpkin and wake up early in the bright sunshine to make them for the people who dig you and your pancakes (also known as your pumpkin hungry significant other or your family). Trust me, they’ll thank you.

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Brown Sugar Cinnamon Banana Bread

6 Nov

This banana bread was sort of a process. Not that the actual making of it was long and drawn out. It was more the hoarding of super ripe, extra mushy bananas that became somewhat harrowing. First we only had four – but needed five – so we cleverly outwitted nature and jammed them in our freezer. Unfortunately, our freezer has the surprising and unpleasant habit of ejecting its contents or not closing all the way or opening every time you close the fridge. It does this last bit so sneakily that I got a nice whack to my occipital lobes the other day when I was putting away groceries. It was, to say the least, unpleasant. At last we procured the fifth banana, and promptly stuck that in the freezer, too, because it was the middle of the week, and we were far too busy for tasty banana bread. But the weekend arrived, the freezer was relieved of its frozen tropical contents, and a warm, cinnamony bread was whipped up in no time.

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Pumpkin Coffeecake with Brown Sugar-Pecan Streusel

22 Oct

Sometimes you know when it’s going to be a good day. Blue sky. Scarf weather. Spring in your step. Smile on your face. A stranger waves at you cheerfully from the window of his vintage teal Chevy pickup truck as you set out for your morning jog. You wave back. Good days beg for good food and an apartment filled with the warm cuddly scent of cinnamon and brown sugar. This cake can make your good day better. It could probably make a bad day good. It’s warm and soft and filled with spices with just a hint of pumpkin to round it out.

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May the Force Be With You

23 Sep

These are not the nerdy pancakes you’re looking for. *Insert awesome mind-controlling Jedi hand waving motion here* But actually, I think they are. Williams-Sonoma, in yet another stroke of brilliance, released these absurdly excellent pancake molds. So now you can eat Yoda’s head for breakfast after you drown him in syrup and butter. This is BEYOND AWESOME, as eating a tasty carbohydrate version of Yoda’s head was most certainly a personal life goal of most of the U.S. population.

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Aaaaannd We’re Back

6 Sep

So hi. Long time no see. I could make excuses. A year without a kitchen. A year drowning in too many chemistry problem sets. A year where I probably should have been writing a blog entitled “Things My Roommate Eats in Restaurants.”  Yes, it’s been a year. A WHOLE YEAR in which I have cooked tasty things and failed to self indulgently tell you, a vast invisible internet audience, all about it. What a TRAGEDY. But fear not dear readers! Times have changed! I have returned to an apartment with a kitchen for a whole new school year with a whole new list of resolutions! Jogging! Blogging! Eating more vegetables! Studying before the night before exams! Figuring out what the heck I should call this blog once I graduate! So with no further adieu – I give you…

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