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Bite-Size Bacon and Gruyere Scones

13 Nov

These scones go fast. I don’t just mean the making of them either. I mean the impressive consumption of them that occurred at about light speed. They were inhaled. By me. By my roommates. Not by anyone else though – there was no sharing of these glorious breakfast bites. Someone would have had to stage a pretty impressive sneak attack to get their hands on some of those scones. It’s certainly not surprising that we ate them all, or that no interloper got a hold of them. Why? Because they have bacon in them, obviously. And I would probably defend bacon foodstuffs with my very life or least a skillet. But you know what else they have? Cheese – and not just any cheese mind you. Gruyere. It’s Swiss and awesome. It keeps these scones from being anything but neutral. We should know. This isn’t our first Swiss cheese filled bacony rodeo.

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Wisconsin Mac and Cheese

4 Oct

My roommate is from Wisconsin. She tells me this is a magical land of snow, cheese, and awesome. I remain unconvinced. I am told people there wear hats like this. I am uncertain exactly how these hats protect them from awesomely cold temperatures. However, these hats do appear to give them the power to win these. Impressive, no? Perhaps someday I will visit her homeland. She’s so excellent, I might even consider going in the winter. Maybe. Maybe if she also presents me with this mac & cheese prepared with authentic Wisconsin cheddar upon my arrival.

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