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Chicken with Asiago, Prosciutto, and Sage

9 Oct

This recipe could also be entitled: how to cook with things you already have in your fridge after you’ve spent the day on shopping adventures that led you all the way to the Williams-Sonoma on the East Side. Sage from stuffed squash. Prosciutto from citrusy pasta. Chicken from your poultry loving roommate. Asiago cheese from…ok, well we had to go the store for that. But nevertheless, if you found that you had been eating nothing but what I’ve been making on this blog you might find yourself almost perfectly prepared for a quick tasty chicken dinner for two.

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Movie Themed Meal: "Gone with the Wind" Edition

20 Sep
The idea for dinners themed to go with the movie we will watch while (or shortly after dinner) came after consuming large quantities of chocolate at Max Brenner and subsequently watching Chocolat. We thought; “We like food. And we like movies. Let’s combine those!” And Movie-Themed-Meals was born.
This weekend the movie was the classic Gone with the Wind. The majority of those enjoying this dinner had somehow gotten through life up to this point without having seen this movie and that had to be rectified. So what goes with a classic movie of the American South? A southern feast, of course!

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