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Quick Skillet Chocolate Snack Cake

8 Nov

Apparently, I have a desire to deprive you, dear reader, of delicious chocolate cake. This is a bad habit I am attempting to rectify post haste. You see, I made this cake, um, ages ago. By which I mean, of course, summer. I was home, basking in the glory of my parents’ fully stocked kitchen and abundant Texas sunshine, and I made this cake. Then I ate it. Well, my dad helped. It was good and chocolatey and – well, suffice it say that it went pretty fast. Despite its tastiness, I kept this recipe from you, swathed in mystery for months. Well, NO MORE! I reveal to you at last:

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Guinness Chocolate Pudding

30 Oct

Guinness is good for you. Seriously. It contains a lot of awesome. I have been told you can subsist on Guinness and orange juice alone, though I wouldn’t recommend it. What I would recommend, however, is putting it in chocolate things. Any and all chocolate things. Chocolate milkshakes, chocolate cake, and especially chocolate pudding. You will not regret it. More likely you will prance about, pudding cup in hand, exclaiming “My Goodness, My Guinness!” or perhaps “Kiss Me – I have IRISH PUDDING!” You might even be so moved by this pudding that you burst into song. So make this pudding. You have more than enough time to prepare it just for International Stout Day. It’s delicious. Trust me, I’m Irish. If you don’t believe me, well, you know where to find the proof.

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Cookies from Time and Space: Mocha Cookies

17 Oct

These cookies are outta control. They will make you lose your stuff. They will make people dig you more. They are something to write home about. This may be because they have over a pound of chocolate in them. This may be because you, the person who baked them, filled them with love and sunshine. This may be because the cookie recipe came from 1990. We all know what happened in the 90’s. AWESOME. Dolly the Sheep. Chef RoomateBill Clinton. Sabrina the Teenage Witch. An economy, you know, a working one. These cookies could be awesome for any of these reasons, but let’s be real. It’s probably the chocolate. After all, Gourmet claims this was the “chocolate decade.”

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29 Sep

I had very little to do with the production of these brownies. (Now that I think of it, I also had very little to do with their consumption. Ah, roommates.) My mom bought me the cookbook the recipe came from and my roommate took it upon herself to make them. This endeavor involved a great deal of her running around the kitchen and then stopping at various intervals to ask me, “Hey, do you wanna take a picture of this bowl of stuff?” Thus, I present to you, dear readers, a new feature of Things My Roommate Makes, the action shot. This baby is all shutter speed.

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Thieving Thursday: Chocolate Peanut Butter Layer Cake

15 Jul

My father traditionally requests a lemon cake for his birthday but after a father’s day breakfast that included this butter loaded confection and lemon pound cake with sticks upon sticks of butter, my father claims he finally caught on to my mother’s wicked plan to do him in via atherosclerosis. Hence, no lemon cake. Enter Chef Roommate with a Save-The-Birthday-Cake that included just a single stick of butter and cough*5 cups of powdered sugar*cough. But who’s counting? This cake is super tasty, super dense, and super peanut-buttery. The cake is vaguely reminiscent in texture of previously featured and worshiped Guinness Chocolate cake, only, you know, without the beer. Strangely enough, I pilfered both recipes from the same place, the Smitten Kitchen, where fabulous photography, desserts, and side dishes abound. Continue reading

The King of Sodas

5 Jun

Frothy, foamy, sweet, earthy. A good root beer is like good wine (or what everyone seems to think good wine is like, I wouldn’t know, I’m a college student). It’s got layers. The experience engages the senses. It fizzes, it foams, its icy cold goodness tastes like summer. It’s my soda.

So when I came upon a chocolate cake featuring root beer, I jumped on it (besides we all know my obsession with beer flavored chocolate cakes). So hear you go, the perfect cake for summer.

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We Want S’more!

30 May

The California beach house is equipped with an excellent fireplace, perfect for chilly beach evenings and, you guessed it, s’mores. Now, last year as we finished our time in seaside seventh heaven alas we were left with a plethora of unused s’more ingredients. Determined to avoid the tragedy that is abandoning chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows in California, I set out to make S’more Nut Bars in an effort to consume excess s’more ingredients. I failed miserably causing the purchase of more graham crackers AND more chocolate. But who cares!? They were dang tasty.

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