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Butterfinger Cookies

8 Apr

A Happy Easter to you! Or Passover! Or Sunday! Whatever the case may be, I hope you are enjoying this spring weekend with your family, with your cat, with your favorite movie. I hope you get to spend time with people who you don’t see nearly enough, who ask you to come their apartment and bake delicious things with them, who strangely suggest a cookie recipe that you’ve been eye-balling for a while. It’s always comforting when familiar people can still read your brain waves even when they don’t live next door to your anymore (or maybe you would find that terrifying).

I hope that when get done making those cookies you spend time with the people who you do live next door to, that you decorate easter eggs with them like you’re kids again, and that you make your friendship just a little bit stronger with the happiness only holidays bring. So that they always stay familiar to you – so that they can always read your brainwaves.

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Cookies from Time and Space: Mocha Cookies

17 Oct

These cookies are outta control. They will make you lose your stuff. They will make people dig you more. They are something to write home about. This may be because they have over a pound of chocolate in them. This may be because you, the person who baked them, filled them with love and sunshine. This may be because the cookie recipe came from 1990. We all know what happened in the 90’s. AWESOME. Dolly the Sheep. Chef RoomateBill Clinton. Sabrina the Teenage Witch. An economy, you know, a working one. These cookies could be awesome for any of these reasons, but let’s be real. It’s probably the chocolate. After all, Gourmet claims this was the “chocolate decade.”

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Vegan Cookies Invade My Blog

1 Oct

We now interrupt your regular programming to bring you: VEGAN COOKIES! Don’t be alarmed. Normal animal fat levels will be restored shortly. I like to keep things interesting. I wear bright yellow shirts on rainy days that make me look like this guy. I buy hand soap in such a cheerful scent my suitemates can’t stop talking about it. I start making vegan cookies at breakfast time just because you weren’t expecting them. No you were not. But you don’t care. Because unexpected cookies might just be the best kind of cookies. Even if they are vegan.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

26 Feb

*slap* *slap* I am slapping my hands for you, dear readers. I have been a TERRIBLE blogger. And I sincerely hope you have not starved in the meantime. I hope you do not only eat the food we put on this blog because you would be a) dead from not eating in a month and b) 1,000 pounds since we only seem to put desserts on here.

And today is no exception! Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies! We tend eat things really fast in our suite, so when it comes to sweets we try to share them with our friends so we do not get diabetes. We thought about sharing these, the conversation went a little like this:
Me: These are really good! We should offer some to our friends!
Suitemates: Yes! Totally! We should!
*Collective gulp* as we all stared at the plate full of crumbs.
Me: Or not.
Recipe after the jump!

Biscotti? From Scratch? Yes, Please.

7 Nov
One of my suitemates received a Magic Bullet as a graduation gift. She had never used it in the 2 years since she got it. Last year, she had an excuse as we had no kitchen. But this year, we knew we had to use it somehow. We scoured websites and food blogs to find a recipe in which we could use a Magic Bullet. Then we found this biscotti. We took down the box from its storage space, dusted off the box and brought out the holy grail.

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Raisins, Get Out of My Freaking Cookies!

16 Oct

We’re big fans of cookies, all kinds of cookies. We do not discriminate against baked goods because of their ingredients… for the most part. There is one thing we won’t stand for in our cookies though. And that thing is this guy.

I mean, really. The worst part is when you don’t even realize they are there. You are just sitting there innocently eating what you THINK is a delicious chocolate chip cookie and WHAM! a raisin gets you.

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Movie Themed Meal: "Gone with the Wind" Edition

20 Sep
The idea for dinners themed to go with the movie we will watch while (or shortly after dinner) came after consuming large quantities of chocolate at Max Brenner and subsequently watching Chocolat. We thought; “We like food. And we like movies. Let’s combine those!” And Movie-Themed-Meals was born.
This weekend the movie was the classic Gone with the Wind. The majority of those enjoying this dinner had somehow gotten through life up to this point without having seen this movie and that had to be rectified. So what goes with a classic movie of the American South? A southern feast, of course!

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