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Peekaboo Blueberry Pie

16 Jun

Exciting things happen when you move out of college and into a real human apartment. If your real human apartment happens to be in a place like Texas where there is space for all of your items, one of the exciting things that happens to you is that you are suddenly reunited with all of your long lost kitchen equipment. In others words, your parents make you take all that stuff you left in their garage when you went college four years ago in a city with no storage space. Among the goodies awaiting me in my parents’ garage was none other than a food processor. A few years back my parents got themselves a new one, and being sensible people, decide to hang on to the old one. Now it’s mine! Holy Cuisinart! This can only mean one thing – pie crust!

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Movie Themed Meal: “Waitress” Edition

3 Oct

We’ve been going through a bit of Nathan Fillion phase since Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog came to our collective attention (although some of my roommates will argue that it is not a phase for them). Besides, there is no doubt that Nathan Fillion’s presence in our next movie “Waitress” made it that more enjoyable.

You know what else made it more enjoyable? PIE!

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