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Chicken with Asiago, Prosciutto, and Sage

9 Oct

This recipe could also be entitled: how to cook with things you already have in your fridge after you’ve spent the day on shopping adventures that led you all the way to the Williams-Sonoma on the East Side. Sage from stuffed squash. Prosciutto from citrusy pasta. Chicken from your poultry loving roommate. Asiago cheese from…ok, well we had to go the store for that. But nevertheless, if you found that you had been eating nothing but what I’ve been making on this blog you might find yourself almost perfectly prepared for a quick tasty chicken dinner for two.

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Thieving Thursday: Nut-Stuffed Squash

6 Oct

New things are happening. After a lifetime of sloth, I started¬†jogging. It’s weird. I try not to think about how weird it is. I especially try not to think about the weirdest part: that I actually sort of like it. Crisp morning air. Excellent dog watching opportunities. Perfect time to distract oneself with the Joy the Baker podcast. Giggles are great for jogging. Because you are mainly giggling and not really paying attention to the fact that you are exercising (though you should pay some attention to where your feet are going otherwise you might trip and fall on your face or into one of those dogs I mentioned). If it weren’t for this lovely podcast, I never would have found the equally lovely Shutterbean.¬†It was on her blog that I found this lovely recipe and discovered a newfound love for squash.

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Wisconsin Mac and Cheese

4 Oct

My roommate is from Wisconsin. She tells me this is a magical land of snow, cheese, and awesome. I remain unconvinced. I am told people there wear hats like this. I am uncertain exactly how these hats protect them from awesomely cold temperatures. However, these hats do appear to give them the power to win these. Impressive, no? Perhaps someday I will visit her homeland. She’s so excellent, I might even consider going in the winter. Maybe. Maybe if she also presents me with this mac & cheese prepared with authentic Wisconsin cheddar upon my arrival.

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