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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

26 Feb

*slap* *slap* I am slapping my hands for you, dear readers. I have been a TERRIBLE blogger. And I sincerely hope you have not starved in the meantime. I hope you do not only eat the food we put on this blog because you would be a) dead from not eating in a month and b) 1,000 pounds since we only seem to put desserts on here.

And today is no exception! Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies! We tend eat things really fast in our suite, so when it comes to sweets we try to share them with our friends so we do not get diabetes. We thought about sharing these, the conversation went a little like this:
Me: These are really good! We should offer some to our friends!
Suitemates: Yes! Totally! We should!
*Collective gulp* as we all stared at the plate full of crumbs.
Me: Or not.
Recipe after the jump!

Honey-Glazed Rack of Lamb

29 Dec

After struggling in Christmases past to get the appropriate doneness on large (and absurdly expensive) cuts of meat, my father swore off prime rib this year and suggested I come up with some solution. Never fear! Rack of lamb is here! An excellent cut of meat that can be prepared in under an hour, and despite the fact that you didn’t slave over a hot stove all day long, your guests will still be wildly impressed with tasty, melt in your mouth goodness.

Sound like a plan? Follow me!

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26 Dec

Greetings all! At last I, the mysterious roommate, forced by my Christmas break separation from my dearest room/blogmate, have decided to take matters into my own hands and share with you all what I’ve been cooking up this holiday season. While still in New York, my lovely roommates and I hosted (in my opinion) a most excellent Hanukkah replete with Jewish goodies of every kind (i.e. Challah, Latkes, a cake shaped and frosted like a dreidel). But, alas, all photographic documentation of said event lies on my roommates’ camera, and since we are no longer located in the same apartment, it is much more difficult for me to goad her into making a blog post.

SO – Onward to Christmas!

I Love You, Chowder

14 Nov

So, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. But in a world where we have constant deadlines for papers and problem sets, some things get put off. BUT, WE’RE BACK! My roommate made this dish a while back, but we can’t quite remember why. We watched I Love You, Man while we ate our meal, but Chicken and Corn Chowder really have nothing to do with that movie. But we do love Paul Rudd. Really, since he did Clueless, he’s forever a heartthrob for our generation. You know, the nerdy, funny heartthrob. Also, Jason Segel = hilarious. When he’s wearing Uggs, I DIE. OF LAUGHTER. So WATCH IT. It’s hilarious. (I hope my rather excessive use of caps tells you how great this movie is.)

Read about our Chowder after the jump…
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Biscotti? From Scratch? Yes, Please.

7 Nov
One of my suitemates received a Magic Bullet as a graduation gift. She had never used it in the 2 years since she got it. Last year, she had an excuse as we had no kitchen. But this year, we knew we had to use it somehow. We scoured websites and food blogs to find a recipe in which we could use a Magic Bullet. Then we found this biscotti. We took down the box from its storage space, dusted off the box and brought out the holy grail.

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20 Oct

My roommate and I are currently entering midterm hell. [Full Disclosure: she has had midterms all through the month of October and MY hell is coming up at the moment… for the next two weeks.] So the blog will be a little sparse until we emerge victoriously from midterms. We do have several awesome posts lined up (soups, baked goods, kitchen gadgets) that we can not wait to share with y’all.

In the meantime, entertain yourselves by checking out some of the blogs we read (they’re on the blog roll on the side of our blog). Until then, we’ll be looking like these people…

[More Full Disclosure: This blog post courtesy of Procrastination.]

Raisins, Get Out of My Freaking Cookies!

16 Oct

We’re big fans of cookies, all kinds of cookies. We do not discriminate against baked goods because of their ingredients… for the most part. There is one thing we won’t stand for in our cookies though. And that thing is this guy.

I mean, really. The worst part is when you don’t even realize they are there. You are just sitting there innocently eating what you THINK is a delicious chocolate chip cookie and WHAM! a raisin gets you.

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