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Wisconsin Mac and Cheese

4 Oct

My roommate is from Wisconsin. She tells me this is a magical land of snow, cheese, and awesome. I remain unconvinced. I am told people there wear hats like this. I am uncertain exactly how these hats protect them from awesomely cold temperatures. However, these hats do appear to give them the power to win these. Impressive, no? Perhaps someday I will visit her homeland. She’s so excellent, I might even consider going in the winter. Maybe. Maybe if she also presents me with this mac & cheese prepared with authentic Wisconsin cheddar upon my arrival.

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Maybe We Should Eat Some Real Food

27 Sep

Sometimes I have to eat real food. By which I mean food that might constitute part of a full and balanced diet. Obviously, those Star Wars pancakes existed in time and space before I ate them. This real food is often salad or microwaved yams or eggs over easy. But I’m not going to tell you how to make those things, because this week I made something different. Something with cream. Something with something sorta bacony… Continue reading