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Thieving Thursday: Nut-Stuffed Squash

6 Oct

New things are happening. After a lifetime of sloth, I started jogging. It’s weird. I try not to think about how weird it is. I especially try not to think about the weirdest part: that I actually sort of like it. Crisp morning air. Excellent dog watching opportunities. Perfect time to distract oneself with the Joy the Baker podcast. Giggles are great for jogging. Because you are mainly giggling and not really paying attention to the fact that you are exercising (though you should pay some attention to where your feet are going otherwise you might trip and fall on your face or into one of those dogs I mentioned). If it weren’t for this lovely podcast, I never would have found the equally lovely Shutterbean. It was on her blog that I found this lovely recipe and discovered a newfound love for squash.

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Not Hot Peppers

11 Jul

Ah, the side dish. While for years cooked bell peppers were an unwelcome invaders on my plate. They were unfriendly – but more importantly – MUSHY. This was wholly unacceptable. Fear not friends, I have discovered the roasted red bell pepper. Not just any roasted red bell pepper, mind you. A french one – provencal to be exact. Fancy, I know. Try not be overwhelmed. Continue reading

Grillin’ and Chillin’

26 May

SUMMAH TIME = GRILLS. Not to be confused with grillz. Those are something else ENTIRELY. So, bust out your weber friends, and, if you’re a grillin’ chemist like my dad, arm yourself with laboratory safety goggles. Eye safety is serious business. Seriously.

Any hoo, what do you do once you’ve got a fire going and you’re dressed up like Dr. Horrible?


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