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The Perfect Food

11 Jan
Bacon. Do not argue with me. Good bacon is, in fact, PERFECT. My apologies to every Jew, everywhere (including my roommate) – your people missed the boat such salty, sweet (albeit unclean) goodness that my heart weeps for you every time I hear the word kosher. Though, my roommate is not actually kosher. She’s just nuts and dislikes the one food that can improve absolutely ANYTHING. However being the wonderful roommate she is, she has embraced my own love for bacon and allows me to gleefully cook with it in our apartment – which usually means she says something like, “Yes, you can cook that chicken corn chowder in the same pot you cooked the bacon in.” Additionally she bought me one of these for Christmakuh. SOOO tasty. I had previously enjoyed the milk chocolate and bacon bar from Vosges, but this dark chocolate bar was even better. Are you too a bacon enthusiast? Well, you’re in LUCK!

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Ain’t No Challah Back Girl

11 Jan

So after the Great Disappearing Challah Incident of 2009 (you know, that time the guests at our Chanukah party greedily ate all of the beautiful freshly baked challah bread before my roommate or I could photographically document its existence on this good earth), I felt the need to return to Challah bread. You know, so I could proved that I was not, in fact, lying to you all.

So here it is: Challah bread! New! Improved! FULL OF CHOCOLATE!

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Bread for Breakfast

27 Sep
So I woke up this morning to the sight of a rainy New York and a slight burning smell. In my half-awoken, half-asleep state, I stumbled into the kitchen to find my roommate mixing dough.
Me: What are you making?
My Roommate: Bread.
Me: Oh… Okay. *stumbles back to bed*
She was making Irish Soda Bread, to be exact. This is such a foreign concept to me, to just make bread and batter from scratch. My Nana (grandmother) still always makes her doughs from scratch, but she’s old-school like that. Apparently, my roommate is also old-school like that.

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